Newspaper style writing on your webpage

Hi all, to day i show you all how to make Newspaper style writing for your blog page like Magazine or news paper. and i think thats all so easy to make it and just follow my instructions in side.

1. Clik Edit Html
2. Tip word Expand Widget Templates
3. Fine this code </b:skin> with Ctrl + F
4. Paste this code before ]]></b:skin>

/* Magazine Newspaper style writing
----------------------------------------------- */
.first {
color: #000000;

5. Clik Settings than clik Formatting , paste this code on Post Template column
<span class="first">###your first word here## </span>
6. Clik save setting
7. When you make a new post on your blog page, you just remove this word ###your first word here##
and change letters of your word

Example : I love you baby
<span class="first">I</span>love you baby

" you can shange colour of code "
1. color: #000000; means is colour for word
2. background:#ffffff; means is colour for background word
3. line-height:80px; means for height of word

if you have Question leave your comment!

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