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TV1 began as TV Malaysia on 28 December 1963, in conjunction with 1 January 1964. Singapore already had its own television staion ten months earlier. It was part of TV Malaysia and acts as a sister channel to TV1. The two networks separated after Singapore left the federation two years later.

TV1 originally broadcasts in Black and White format until 1978, when Colour television was introduced. Viewers in the Borneo states only received colour broadcasting on Hari Merdeka 1980.
In 1987, a mass restructuring exercise was done and new logos were introduced for RTM, TV1 and TV2. TV1 was by then known as Saluran Perdana (The Prime Channel).
On the 1 January 2007, RTM television stations was once again restructured by Dato' Ahmad Shabery Cheek (former Information Minister). TV1 got a new slogan: 'Saluran Informasi' (The Information Channel) which is currently being used. The restructuring was being done to ensure that RTM will be fully prepared for their digitalisation process by 2012.

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