Scroll text for your Blog page

How make sroll text, here we provide and how to make it easier for those of you who like to create your own blog pages with little wear sroll text
1. Scroll Text one
Your Text Here <marquee> Your Text Here </marquee>

2. Scroll Text two
Your Text Here
<marquee direction=right> Your Text Here </marquee>

3.Scroll Text tre
Your Text Here
<marquee behavior=alternate> Your Text Here </marquee>
4. Scroll Text Link
<marquee> <a href="url_goes_here">Description</a> </marquee>

5. Scroll Text image

<marquee> <img src="Your Link Picture here"> </marquee>

6. Scroll Text Up loop

Your text here

<marquee direction=up loop=true height="100" >
Your text here </marquee>

7. Scroll Text Down loop

Your text here

<marquee direction=down loop=true height="20" >
Your text here </marquee>

8. Sroll Text Left
Welcome to my blog page , and thanks for comming

<marquee direction="left" onmouseover="this.stop()" width="100%" onmouseout="this.start()" scrollamount="3" height="20" align="left">Welcome to my blog page , and thanks for comming </marquee>

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